"in order to be in the best sense moral – in order to be kind to people – we have to be able to think about them, we have to be able to engage with them, and we have to be able to imagine them. And you can’t do that quickly."

Adam Phillips


On your marks get set go... Yvonne is racing back to the time when she was a contender for an Olympic medal. On the way she is looking at what she has been running away from and speeding towards all her life. And the pitfalls of moving too fast.


Dublin Fringe Festival  September 2013


'will have you grinning behind the occasional tear.'

Irish Theatre Magazine



Written and performed by Yvonne O’Reilly 

Directed by David Keating & Molly O’Cathain

Sound Design Vincent Doherty

Lighting Design James Davis

Video Design Yvonne O’Reilly

Dramaturgy Graham Whybrow

Techician James Davis

Stage Manager Fiona Darcy


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