As part of IETM 2013, Dublin Fringe Festival Director, Róise Goan,  invited 20 artists to design and fill a lunchbox for the conference delegates. The idea being to introduce IETM delegates to Dublin in a playful way.

'The lunchboxes will be available for IETM delegates to purchase after the keynote speech in the Abbey Theatre foyer on Friday 12 April at 1pm for €10. The plan is that delegates will pick one based on how it is decorated/designed. You can do whatever you want as long as the core idea (LUNCH) is served and the more imaginative/unusual the better'.

MY LOVELY LUNCHBOX was covered in bespoke 'my lovely horse' wrapping paper , contained a vegan option lunch from Blazing Salads, Drury Street, Dublin, a greeting card with the message:


'I am an artist trapped here against my will, forced to make art for less than minimum wage for visiting dignitaries. Please put me in your suitcase and take me home with you'.)


The lunch box also contained a patent bet and a map directing the delegate to the nearest Ladbrokes bookmakers.  For this work Dublin Fringe Festival paid each artists 20. IETM sold these boxes to the delegates for 10 euro each).

Wrapping paper by storminateacupdesign.

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