What I make

I make art about my life. From the things right in front of me.  This website was  inspired by the letter Y. My name begins and ends with it.  'The end and the beginning where always the same before the beginning and after the end.’ The letter traditionally regarded as a consonant but more commonly used as a vowel. The photo (actually a still from a video) I made in 2006. The inspiration for it came from  nightly visits to my late father ( I hadn't seen him in over 10 years). On these evenings the past seemed very present - dropping out of the present into memory made the walk along the corridor seem like an eternity. So, it's a piece about time and memory and relativity - when I watch the video now I experience it differently. I experience loss.  'The sound of foot steps  always walking away.'


using the thing that is visibleto show the thing that is invisible.to show the thing that is invisible
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